On the Inside.

"Truth is a matter of belief. We believe what we are told by people, read what people believe in, live on a basis of what people have fought for. No matter how convincing the page is in front of you, always wonder what is written on the next page. Belief is not factual and neither are people or reality. Which is why you must question the truth before it is fed to our innocent eyes."

Government - a bad example.

Who’s the enemy to us? The real foe, the snake, the devil in disguise, the blasphemer using religion against us for it’s own gain, the REAL terrorists? No doubt many organisations come to mind… Maybe Al-Qaeda or the now arisen North Korea, with so far empty threats? They could fill that genre of villain for you - but for me it’s us, the government we so helplessly empower to control US into following orders and schemes so the truth may be buried, whilst a shiny, bright picture is painted in front of our eyes to elude and mislead us into thinking it’s someone else’s fault. We’re only to blame.

Let’s not hypothesis about what we could do to change the way of the world - because that AIN’T happening. What we can do instead, is explore further into wound that governments have torn into us and educate yourselves about an almost unbearable truth. 

Without me spending days on this topic, i will outline an example of what governments are doing wrong.

"Government" - to serve the people, chosen by the people, to lead the people, to do what’s best for the interests of the people. I mean, without the PEOPLE of a nation, without the PEOPLE of Great Britain or America or whatever country, what would that piece of land mean or represent? The answer is obviously NOTHING. But with great power comes great greed. Bodied with luminous treasures and luxuries, how can man sustain his moral high-ground and not be twisted into corruption? 

Michael Chertoff  the former American secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), argued that full body scanners should be introduced to every airport available and to have them used to a high level to ”increase” security. I expect many people agreed with his notion of making American airports a safer place after several terrorist attacks over the past few years, and so did I at first. It is only after I researched into his primary motive of why to do so. It turned out that his security firm, the Chertoff Group, represented a company which manufactured the scanner machines, Rapriscan Systems. This also, with high concern, had a major link with the 8 congressmen, including both Democratics and Republicans and former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, who held thousands of dollars’ worth of assets/stock in the company L-3 Communications - one of the two main manufacturers of the body scanners.

This isn’t the shocking part. The detail that really threw me was that these body scanners - with the full comprehension of the American government - emitted terahertz (THz) radiation, that according to a few extensive studies, could deposit negative energy into a person’s DNA strands and uncouple them. This negative terahertz energy which is emitted fits into the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared which (as not yet strongly concluded as proof is slightly illusive), can unzip DNA and create bubbles in the double strand which could strongly interfere with gene expression, DNA replication and the ability of  cells absorbing oxygen. Scientists say that this threat of strand damage is only possible if put under high amounts of this terahertz energy but as they can immediately imagine, this damage can drastically affect children and their health. 

With all of this investigation into the topic, with all this proof that the government hides the truth from us to keep us at bay and keep their assets growing, why aren’t we reacting? The truth is that the American people may not even care that much. They may think that taking the risk of having dangerous machines, which do effectively reduce the chances of terrorism, is worth the damage it can do to your own children. The only thing I can learn from this example is that the government or any governments are scared of the truth and what it might bring.

An organisation fighting the fight for democracy? Keeping the pirates and intruders at bay and protecting ‘home’? The answer is right under our noses, the worst kind of enemy is the deceiving one, the one right next door, the one you expect is righteous but in fact not. The friend who tightly controls their income and profit but dismisses the duty and care that they swore to uphold to the people of the world. How can you choose money, a material over the basic respect that you should maintain to the people who quite simply, feed and clothe you? Be careful of who put your trust in and hope that the next leader who comes along has his or possibly her shoes in the right place.

Conclusion to this: money over morality and principle is wrong, be careful.

  • 15 April 2013